**To ensure that our services offer the utmost value for your investment, we've crafted our offerings to encompass a comprehensive tax reduction plan. Please note that we do not provide services solely for standalone year-end tax returns. To become a client, eligibility is required. Businesses making $250,000 or more in gross revenue are ideally suited for our tax reduction packages.**

Medical Practice CPA Firm

To gain a competitive advantage, medical practices need access to high-quality guidance and support from a trusted medical CPA firm like Custom Accounting CPA. What sets us apart from other Brooklyn NY CPA firms is our years of experience in tax reduction strategies, profit improvement techniques, and accounting services for medical practices. Our unique background in working with doctors ensures that we understand the financial hurdles you face and have creative ideas to help you and your practice prosper.

We care for the financial needs of all types of doctors and medical professionals including ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and many others. When we join your team, we'll offer the high-quality guidance to lower your taxes, decrease costs, maximize profits, and build your personal wealth. We provide proactive tax planning, effective profit coaching, benchmarking, and a wide variety of other specialized medical practice accounting services.

Find out how Custom Accounting CPA can efficiently manage the financial side of your practice while you concentrate on caring for patients. Contact us today at (646) 661-2010 or request a consultation online now.

What is a Certified Tax Coach

Medical Practice Accounting

We are trusted and respected CPA firm that is dedicated to serving the accounting needs of highly successful doctors.

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Tax planning for business owners

Tax Services for Doctors

We're proficient in tax regulations and know which tax credits, deductions, and loopholes will save you the most money on taxes.

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